Dont call it # Post Dubstep?

If the medium is the message, then electronic music is the voice of the internet generation.

Watching this video put together by the always insightful team over at the RedBullMusicAcademy reinvigorated a fresh perspective over the term thats been thrown around of late, “post dubstep”, helped along by the thoughts of a few of the scene’s notable artists… (mount kimbie, sepalcure, scuba) Well worth the watch!

In my opinion call it what you will; bass music, post dubstep, chillstep, dungeon (still dunno about that one)… this evolution path of the dubstep sound is in parallel too the expansion and domination of the internet’s role on media content delivery. It has allowed a democratisation of the prerequisites once needed too label yourself an artist/musician, and as over-saturation begins, middle-of-the-road syndrome is inevitable.

People move on, seek new sounds, and the life cycle branch’s. Creativity will always prevail.


(thanks too DFRNT over at for the original link)


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