Download Free EP ‘Chill-step from 2008’


“Our memory and the stories we create, share, retell and live are a powerful way in which we determine and express who we are.” Aarts, E. H. L., and Stefano Marzano


I wrote these tunes back in the summer of 2008, all within the space of a few weeks. This EP is a collection of tracks in which I finely felt as though I had been able to express my creativity, using a computer and a midi-keyboard, without the analytical side of my brain getting a chance to interfere in the creative process. Everything just finally felt as though it flowed without resistance.

The tracks themselves are relaxed and spacious, full of dub delay’s, and big reverbs they are a very organic, dub inspired take on what was “dubstep” at the time. A solid remix by my mentor and next-door neighbour at the time, 3rdeye, compliments the EP better than I could of ever hoped for.

Originally set for a release on Case Records, an agreement which never came to fruition, they have sat mastered on my computer for far to long and I thought it’s time to share these tracks with the world.

Download and share with reckless abandon 😉

Artwork: ‘draft copy’ 2008, by Tim Lovett
Music: Interval, and 3rdeye on the remix duties

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