Distant Sanity EP Out Now

Distant Sanity EP released on Gradient Audio

Voyage deep into the dark and twisted chasms of Distant Sanity, a 3-track deep and dirty dubstep/bass music EP written by Australian producers Interval and R3alm. Now available released by Gradient Audio you can find it at most of your favorite online retailers (iTunes, Beatport, DigitalTunes, JunoDownload etc..).

The genre-bending excursion, written over a period of 2 years the tracks had lay uncompleted with numerous versions and mutations being born into this world over the last 2 years before finally, the limiter was applied (no pun intended) and the tracks found a resting place on bass music label Gradient Audio.

The release positions itself alongside the deep musicality of artist’s like Boxcutter and Scuba, with the dark, minimal soundscape’s of Kryptic Minds or Commodo. Deep melodic arrangements flow through a bass heavy dubstep orrientated EP. The mysterious and spacy track that become the catalyst for the release Distant Sanity is followed up by the fiery, four-four stomping track Re;Entry.

Seeing the release to completion is the skillfully crafted remix from Italian producer Mouch. This sparkling interpretation of title track Distant Sanity showcases his iconic percussion and intelligent drum programming, resulting in a chunky, technoid, bass monster!


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