Performing at the Eclipse 2012 Festival – 10-16 November

Performing at ECLIPSE 2012

I am absolutely honoured to be playing at the total solar eclipse festival, held in Cairns later this year.

Eclipse 2012 Festival

It’s a MONUMENTAL line up to say the least! Just too name a few:

Antix, Auma, Blatwax, An-Ten-Nae, Opiuo, Circuit Bent, D-sens, Dnox, DOV, Freq Nasty, Goosebumpz, JPOD the beat chef, Kalya Scintilla, King Unique, Tipper, Perfect Stranger, ORGANIKISMNESS, Sensient, Shadow Fx, Solar Fields, Spoonbill, Sun In Aquarius, Whitebear, Tetrameth, Tijuana Cartel

Check out the rest of the list so far over on the official website!

The management team behind the event includes key members from renowned international events such as Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia), Symbiosis Festival (USA) and Glade Festival (UK), and I cannot wait too pump out some fresh future bass sounds in tropical far north Queensland!

See you there! 

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