Month: February 2013

  • Bunny On Acid – out now on Gradient Audio

    Despite the image that first came too me when i got the promo link, (thoughts of a fluffy white, 7 dimensional rabbit, parading rainbow-suspenders, backflipping his way about town), Bunny On Acid’s recent release on Gradient Audio is a far from detached from my psychedelic preconception. A delicate excursion in ultra classy, smooth, and minimalistic bass central music, it’s future-post-bass-music. […]

  • Earth Frequency Festival 2013 – Festival Guide


    Earth Freq 2013 looms waiting just around the corner! Always a highlight of the Festival year for me I’m once again honoured to be invited too share some tunes with you all, with some fresh new deep, bass/halftime dnb tunes I’ll be unleashing on the Earth Pod stage MONDAY morning at 8am. Earth Freq is really a […]

  • Dont call it # Post Dubstep?

    If the medium is the message, then electronic music is the voice of the internet generation. Watching this video put together by the always insightful team over at the RedBullMusicAcademy reinvigorated a fresh perspective over the term thats been thrown around of late, “post dubstep”, helped along by the thoughts of a few of the scene’s notable artists… (mount […]